Shaken, not stirred.
If you aren't James Bond fans, chances are you won't get the title. To which I'll add.. Are we on coms? Because Alias (per my nickname) is another of my cinematic/TV passions. Yeah, I love me some hot spies!


Sooooo… Joanna is at the same convention where Edward and Julian get into a physical fight (presumably because Edward finds out what’s going on with Lyritrol and Julian who is oblivious accuses him of trying to sabotage him). And we all know who she’s looking at with that half smirk and those dreamy eyes… the man with those baby blues who would make any woman say YES to whatever he asks!

The eyeballing is BACK, my friends. And I presume this derives from what happens in ep.6 , which looks like a road trip for Julian and Joanna (see photos of them at a gas station with Joanna’s car) , probably in search of Mia who has run away with Shady Kyle. Let there be the usual TV device of them being stranded somewhere, because it’s night and they are far from home, or them being forced to stay in the car together for a long time… that’s a small enough space for Julian to put on the mooooves and for Joanna to finally STOP being in denial. A girl can dream, right?

Either way, she’s clearly all googly-eyed at him in ep. 7, so things should finally get GOOD for TEAM JOLIAN.

Enjoy and be positive for next episode… a LOT more Jolian action is about to come (or else I will go hit the writers with a stick).