Shaken, not stirred.
If you aren't James Bond fans, chances are you won't get the title. To which I'll add.. Are we on coms? Because Alias (per my nickname) is another of my cinematic/TV passions. Yeah, I love me some hot spies!



No you are not and this GAME she has going…with pretend. She just pushed too far in making a comparison with a woman of intelligence, honour, dignity and who would never stoop to being the low life, duplicitous slime ball that Mellie is.

WTF and WhoTheFUCK do you think you are? Do not get me started and anyone stupid enough to buy the shit she is trying to sell now because all the other ploys didn’t work with SOME in particular. No bitch…no.

There will be a tweet..overstepping and overreaching as always. No, no not acceptable. Bitch needs to step off and now. This will not go well. I do not appreciate equating this verminous character with that of a woman of the world who honours her position in life and is humane, dignified and brilliant. FUCK YOU! It is the same shit, same god damn shit with the central character theme if you haven’t noticed.


Wait one damn minute…Bellamy Young had the audacity to compare the fictional, venomous, evil and bat shit crazy Mellie Grant to First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama. Are you fucking kidding me??? What is Bellamy smoking or rather what the fuck is wrong with white American southern women lately. Last week we have Paula Deen testifying in a deposition that she has used and probably still uses the word nigger and that she planned on having a slavery theme party/event. And now Bellamy has the utter nerve and audacity to compare her character on Scandal with Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama, the first African-American First lady of the United States, born into a poor hard working family, Princeton and Harvard Law educated, devoted mother and hello, a woman utterly and desperately in love with her husband. A black woman who has had to earn, struggle and be twice as good to earn every ounce of her success And even in the position of FLOTUS, Mrs. Obama has to fight daily the ingrained racism within American politics and society and manages to do so with utter grace, poise and dignity.

Paula and now Bellamy please sit the fuck down…your white privilege is showing.


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